How Fault is Determined After a Car Accident

This is how your insurer determines fault after an auto accident. As a driver, there is a chance that you will be involved in an accident at some point in your life.  While some accidents are unavoidable, your insurance provider will still need to determine which driver was technically at fault.  Here are some of the things that help your insurer determine fault. Police Report After a car accident takes place, the official police report plays the biggest role in determining which driver Read More

Smart Home Security

Technologies that make protecting your home a breeze. New technological innovations have been taking the home security industry by storm.  These new devices make it easier than ever to protect your home.  Read on to learn about some of these smart home technologies that can help you keep your home safe. Home Security Systems New home security systems are a great way to protect your home against risks such as intruders and fire.  Not only do new systems alert you when an unauthorized Read More

Unexpected Things Covered Under Your Homeowners Insurance

Learn what your homeowners policy covers. While most homeowners have insurance, many do not understand just how far their coverage extends.  While your homeowners policy covers your property and personal belongings from physical damage and theft, your coverage does not end there.  Here are some of the surprising things that your policy covers. Libel and Slander In addition to protecting your physical property, your homeowners insurance also covers your personal liability.  While this Read More

Life Insurance for Newlyweds

What you need to know about life insurance as a newlywed. If you are a newlywed, life insurance probably isn’t the first thing on your mind.  However, it is something that you and your partner should take the time to discuss.  While most couples do not consider life insurance until they have children, there are still some reasons why you should consider getting life insurance coverage today. 1) Funeral Costs If you do not have life insurance coverage, then the costs associated with your Read More

Reasons Why Your Car Insurance Rates Changed

Learn what factors caused your auto insurance rates to change. Did you notice that your insurance premiums changed when you reviewed your auto policy?  While some rate changes are the result of an accident or a claim, there are other factors that could contribute to your rate changes.  Here are some of the things that could have caused your rates to fluctuate. Remember… It’s important to keep in mind that auto insurers calculate their clients’ premiums annually.  Their calculations are Read More

Who Does My Auto Insurance Cover?

Find out who is covered under your auto insurance policy. Before you lend out your car to your friends and family members, it’s important that you understand who is covered under your car insurance.  If you are confused about who is covered by your insurance, don’t worry.  Here are some of the people that are safely covered by your policy. Immediate Family Members People who are living in the same house as you are generally covered by the same insurance policy as you are.  This means that Read More

Do You Have Gaps in Your Home Insurance?

Make sure you don’t have these home insurance coverage gaps. While homeowners know that they need to have the protection that home insurance offers, many do not realize that standard home insurance policies have coverage gaps.  To ensure that you are getting all the protection you need, make sure you watch out for these coverage gaps. Home Based Business If you operate a business out of your home, then your home insurance policy might not be giving you all the coverage that you need.  You Read More