Additional Business Insurance Products

Businesses require a significant amount of insurance to truly minimize their risk. There are certain specialty insurance options, offered by Pierce Insurance Group, which are tailored to certain industries or applicable to specific circumstances.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is essential for any company that maintains company automobiles or asks that their employees drive to fulfill company tasks. Accidents can be incredibly costly, and without the appropriate commercial auto insurance a company won’t be protected if an employee gets into an automobile accident.

Commercial Property Insurance

As a business owner, dealing with risks and responding to challenges are part of your everyday routine. Having the tools to manage those risks and challenges helps you operate your business as cost-effectively and competitively as possible. Because it offers such broad and important coverage, commercial property insurance provides the backbone of most business’ risk management strategies. A commercial property insurance policy can be custom-tailored to suit your business’ unique needs, providing protection for a wide variety of risks, including:

  • Damage to your building
  • Damage to signage, fencing and landscaping
  • Damage to your business’ furniture, equipment or supplies
  • Damage to your inventory
  • Damage to other people’s property

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker’s compensation insurance is required to be maintained by companies with full-time employees. When an employee is injured on company property, regardless of cause, they will often initiate a worker’s compensation claim. The worker’s compensation policy will pay out for the employee’s medical bills and other associated costs.

Farm and Ranch Insurance

Farmers and ranchers need protection to maintain their business and home. Farm and ranch insurance includes farm liability insurance, dwelling coverage and personal property coverage. Farmers may also be interested in outbuilding coverage, which will cover buildings on their property such as shelters for their animals.

Specialty Insurance

Many industries, such as contractors and restaurants, have special types of insurance package built upon their special needs.

General contractors may be interested in policies which include:

  • Railroad liability insurance. Contractors are required to maintain this type of insurance if they will be doing any work on or around railroads.
  • Completed operations insurance. This type of insurance protects a company from bodily injuries or property damage that occurs after the project has been completed.

Restaurant owners may be interested in policies which include:

  • Restaurant equipment insurance. Restaurant equipment is extremely expensive, and an inability to fix restaurant equipment quickly may put a restaurant out of business.
  • Income insurance. For a restaurant, cash flow is everything. Income insurance protects a restaurant from lost income while the restaurant is being repaired or equipment is being replaced.
  • Liquor liability is a type of coverage that will protect a business from a claim arising out of the sale of alcohol.

Other Business Insurance

There are many additional business insurance policies available for concerned business owners. As an independent business, we understand firsthand the issues and concerns you face on a day to day basis, and that means we can help you understand the risks you need to address to keep your business and its finances protected. And, because we work with so many businesses throughout the area, we also know that the needs of each business are incredibly diverse. That’s why we begin with a complete and thorough evaluation of your business and its exposures, so we can help you identify the types of insurance that will provide the best and most appropriate coverage.  We can also help you identify areas where you may be able to implement safety programs or loss prevention strategies to help ensure your insurance costs remain as affordable as possible.

For more information about the additional business insurance products your company may need, contact the Pierce Insurance Group, covering residents in and around the great state of Texas.