Why Some Home Insurance Providers Will Not Cover Your Dog

Is your dog covered under your homeowners insurance? When some homeowners go to secure home insurance, they are surprised to find that the breed of their dog can actually make them ineligible for coverage.  This is because many insurers will refuse to offer coverage to homeowners who have certain "dangerous" breeds of dogs.  Even if your homeowner doesn't deny you coverage completely, they may offer you a limited policy that denies coverage for dog bite liability claims.  But why do insurers Read More

Surprising Coverage Benefits of Having Home Insurance

Did you know that your home insurance policy included these coverages? While you know that your home insurance offers coverage for your property, personal property, and personal liability, this isn't all that it protects.  In fact, most standard homeowners policies offer an array of additional coverages that you may not even know about.  Here are some of the unexpected things covered under your home insurance. Coverage for the Damage Caused by Falling Objects If a tree branch were to Read More

Watch Out for These Home Insurance Myths

Believing these misconceptions could leave you open to risks. Many homeowners have limited knowledge when it comes to the world of insurance.  Unfortunately, this lack of experience can result in dangerous myths.  Because believing in home insurance myths can end up leaving you vulnerable to certain perils, it's important that you know the truth.  Here is the truth behind some of the most common home insurance misconceptions. Myth 1: "All My Personal Belongings Are Covered" Just like any Read More

Should I Reevaluate My Life Insurance Portfolio?

Life changes that should lead you to review your life insurance. If you purchased life insurance a while ago, you probably haven't given your policy much thought.  However, if you've experienced major life changes since then, you should probably take the time to reevaluate your coverage to ensure that it still fits your needs.  Here are some of the major life changes that should cause you to reexamine your life insurance. Family Growth If you've gotten married or had children since you Read More

How to Deal with a Fender Bender

Take steps to manage the aftermath of a car accident. For many drivers, getting into an accident is a worst-case scenario.  Even if an accident is minor and does not result in major injury or property damage, it is still a logistical challenge for the involved parties.  If you ever find yourself involved in a fender bender, here are some of the steps that you should take to manage the situation. Call the Authorities If someone has suffered an injury, even a minor one, then you need to Read More

Avoid These Mistakes When Securing Insurance for Your Teen Driver

Secure the right auto insurance for your teen. As a parent, you want to do everything in your power to keep your kids safe.  When your child is finally approved to get behind the wheel, you will likely be concerned about their safety.  Because you cannot be with your child every time they take to the road, securing the right auto insurance protection is of vital importance.  To ensure that you are getting the right coverage for your teen driver, make sure you avoid these insurance mistakes. Read More

Reasons to Contact Your Home Insurance Provider

Here are some situations in which you need to call your homeowners insurance agent immediately. While you have homeowners insurance in place, you might not be sure when to access this coverage.  While most minor issues and damage events can be managed by the homeowner, there are certain situations in which you should call your home insurance agent as soon as possible.  Here's when you should contact your agent. Someone Injures Themselves on Your Property While you don't need to call your Read More