Life & Health Options

Life Insurance

Life insurance is important for everyone to have, yet many individuals are underinsured. Life insurance policies will cover the final costs of an individual and provide for their family. There are two major types of life insurance policy:

  • Term life insurance, which covers an individual for a specific term and is inexpensive. Once the term has been completed, which is usually 20 years, a new insurance policy must be drafted.
  • Whole life insurance, which covers an individual for their entire life but is a little more expensive.

A professional insurance representative can consult with you to discuss your insurance options.

Health Insurance

Everyone should have health insurance coverage. An insurance agent can discuss options with you, such as dental and vision, and your personal insurance needs. Today, insurance agents can walk you through the government options and the private options to ensure that you get the most coverage at the lowest possible costs.

For more information about the most comprehensive and competitive personal life and health insurance options available to residents of Texas today, make sure to give the experts at Pierce Insurance Group a call.