Should Newlyweds Get Joint Auto Insurance?

Find out if combining your auto coverage with your new spouse is a good idea for you. When you get married, there are a lot of joint decisions that you and your new partner will have to make. One such decision is whether you should keep your separate auto insurance policies or invest in a joint one. Here are some of the things you should consider before making this important decision. Just Getting Married Could Lower Your Rates Oftentimes, simply changing your status from single to Read More

What to Do If You Blow a Tire on the Road

Here’s how you can safely handle popping a tire while you’re driving. Blowing a tire while you’re on the road can be dangerous if the situation is not handled correctly. If this ever happens to you, the most important thing you can do is stay calm and remember these steps. Keep a firm grip on the wheel. Do not brake. Braking may cause you to skid and lose control of your vehicle. Try to maintain your speed as you work to regain control of your car. Steer to remain in your lane and take Read More

Is it Time to Re-evaluate Your Life Insurance Policy?

Look out for these signs that it’s time to rethink your life insurance policy. If you already have life insurance, then you’ve taken a positive step towards protecting your loved ones and ensuring their future financial stability. However, it’s not enough to simply get life insurance and let it sit. Life is not static, and therefore your life insurance policy should not be either. But how do you know when you should make changes to your policy? Here are some of the signs that it’s time to Read More

Should a Stay-at-Home Parent Get Life Insurance?

Life insurance for stay-at-home parents. When most people think about getting life insurance, they almost always imagine getting protection for a primary breadwinner. As life insurance is partially designed to make up for the deceased’s lost wages, this makes sense. However, this brings up the question if non-incoming parents require the same coverages. Read on to find out if stay-at-home parents should invest in life insurance. In the barest terms, yes; stay-at-home parents absolutely Read More

Signs that It’s Time for Seniors to Stop Driving

Here are some of the indications that it’s time to hang up those keys for good. While it is undoubtedly a difficult decision, there will come a time when it’s simply no longer safe for you to drive. As many seniors struggle to make this serious decision, it’s important to look for any signs that indicate that you are no longer fit to operate a vehicle. Here are some of the things you should look out for. Difficulty Operating Your Vehicle Struggling to physically operate your car is an Read More

Insuring Your Second Home

Learn how you can secure the proper insurance coverage for your second home. If you own a second home, such as a vacation home or rental property, it’s important that you have the right insurance coverage for your secondary property. However, insuring a second property is not exactly the same as insuring your main home. Here’s what you need to know about securing the right coverage for your needs. Check Your Existing Policy Sometimes, the insurance policy you have on your main home Read More

Should You Invest in Over-50s Life Insurance?

Is it worth it to invest in life insurance when you’re over the age of 50? While most people understand the importance of having life insurance to provide for their loved ones, a common question arises when people enter their 50s: Do I still need the coverage offered by life insurance? If your children have moved out and you have paid off all major debts, such as your mortgage, you might not see the value of keeping your life insurance. However, before you decide to cancel your policy, there Read More