10 Things That Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

A proper auto insurance coverage can make your journeys more exciting. However, you must be aware of the ten things that can increase or decrease your auto insurance rates in McKinney, TX.

1. Car Type

Generally, insurers offer better deals on cars with modern safety features. If your vehicle has the latest safety features installed, insurers would assume that the risks are limited. The next time you think about buying a car, check what discounts insurers have in store for your chosen model.

2. Car Size

Insurers often charge less for insuring bigger cars, as they are considered safer than smaller ones. However, an extra-large engine on a small chassis may require you to pay more.

3. Coverage Type

The two most popular types of car insurance are liability and comprehensive coverage. However, if you add a few additional options like gap coverage, ride-sharing, collision, or towing coverage, your insurance bills may go up.

4. Area

If you have changed your house location recently, your insurance premium will vary. If your area falls in a troubled zone, you might have to shell out more.

5. New Driver

Although rules allow you to add any teen driver to your existing policy, it may increase your insurance rates, as young drivers are more prone to accidents.

6. Vehicle’s Condition and Age

You might have to pay more for the insurance if your car is brand new. The older it gets, the lower the premium you pay.

7. Claims

If the policyholder has a history of traffic law violations, the insurance premium may go up.

8. Credit Score

Sometimes, a lower credit score may increase your premium. By keeping a high credit score, you can hope to get better rates.

9. Marital Status

The insurance premium is lower for married people by around 10%.

10. Insurer

People often choose an insurer who offers the cheapest deal. However, what matters more is the service quality. Before selecting an insurer, make sure you don’t compromise with the service for saving a few bucks.

Getting proper auto insurance coverage with the best rates can be easier than you think. Contact the experts at Pierce Insurance Group to get the best deals. We are happy to help you with all your coverage needs.