3 Tips You Need to Know About Proof of Loss

The basics everyone should know about proof of loss.

The Proof of Loss is a legal document made by the insured to allow their claim to be determined under their insurance policy. Adjusters may say that this document is “pretty straight forward,” but any normal person who’s ever filled one out knows that Proof of Loss and easy are not synonyms of one another, rather they’re more like antonyms. Here are a few basic things you must know if you want your Proof of Loss claim to be quick and get your money as quickly as possible.

  1. With Great Documents, Come Great Responsibilities

You have a certain time frame you must file your Proof of Loss, otherwise, you face the risk of it being denied. These dates differ from policy to policy, so to know yours, locate the section that reads “Section 1 – Conditions, (2) Duties After Loss.” Here you’ll know when to fill it out by. Most have 60 days, but from what? Either from when they requested it, or when you had your accident. Be sure to know as not knowing may end up costing you.

  1. The Smaller Things

Make sure that following are correct: Dates are correct, signed properly, the right policy number, claim number, policy term, date of loss, and it’s notarized. Failure to do so will result in delays in your claim, or it being rejected entirely.

  1. Second Opinion

Getting a second opinion is vital when filing an insurance claim. You should always obtain a professional and licensed professional to give you an estimate of your losses, before or after you get your insurance company’s adjuster to give you theirs.

Knowing the basics of filing a Proof of Loss is important if you want the process to go as smoothly as possible. For all your  auto insurance coverage needs, contact Pierce Insurance Group. As an independent insurance agency in McKinney, TX, we will work with you to make sure you have the right amount of protection to meet the needs of your family, all at the right price for your budget.