Are Outdoor Hazards Covered in My Business Insurance Policy?

What outdoor hazards are covered by your business insurance policy?

You most likely have purchased your business insurance and thought only of the hazards that come from within your company’s walls. Protecting from within your walls is important, but it’s equally important to remember that hazards can come from anywhere, including the outside of your business. It’s important to know the where your coverage borders start, and where your coverage borders end.

Outdoor weather-related hazards, like storms and trees, are likely going to be covered by your policy. The reason being is that these hazards have caused damage to the physical structure of your building. What would happen if something were to happen to your business that lied outside of your businesses structure?

If your business owns a parking lot or has a really nice landscape that gets ruined, are you covered? Typically, no. To cover these hazards, you may want to look into Additional Coverage which would add these and more into your insurance policy.

  • Extensive landscape: Trees, shrubs, potted plants, and rockwork that cost you big, is not covered should a storm desolate your landscape. Look into Outdoor Property Coverage.
  • Outdoor furniture: Things like outdoor tables, chairs, heaters, lights, and other fixtures are not covered by the typical BOP. This too can be covered by Outdoor Property Coverage.
  • Outdoor accessories: Outdoor fences, satellites/antennae are not covered. If you’re expected to show the big game, make sure that you’re not the town’s disappointment and get your coverage. Mechanical Breakdown Coverage has your back.
  • Outdoor signs: If you have signs that are not physically attached to your building, they won’t be covered if they go missing or are vandalized. Mechanical breakdown would constitute a good choice.
  • Off-site equipment: If you drive your business’ equipment such as lighting to a music festival, or tools to a construction site, property-in-transit and off-premise.

It’s always important to know what is covered in your business owners insurance policy, and what isn’t. Keep your business secure by properly protecting your business from any circumstances that may come your way. At Pierce Insurance Group, we are committed to insuring your company with a tailored business insurance policy. Talk to one of our insurance agents today!