Auto Accidents: The Most Common Causes

Accidents can happen even if you are a careful driver. Some of the most common causes of car accidents are listed here, along with how best to avoid them.

1. Rear-ender Collisions

Almost one third of all car accidents are the "rear-ender" type. The victim usually isn’t able to do much to avoid the accident. But these can be avoided by the other driver. Staying alert and avoiding distractions will reduce the chances of being the culprit in this situation. Distractions such as conversation, adjusting the music, and checking your online hand-held device are common causes of this accident. By all means, stay off your cell phone until you come to full stop.

2. Side-impact "T-bone" crashes

Since physics implies that two bodies can’t occupy the same space at the same time, in a T-bone accident at least one (or both) drivers have made a critical error. Again, this is a case of paying full attention to what you are doing behind the wheel. Don’t assume the other drivers are going the speed limit. Look both directions before pulling out. Intersections are more dangerous, so don’t spend any extra time there. Avoid those pesky distractions.

3. Hitting a parked car

There is very little excuse for hitting any stationary object if you are paying attention to what you are doing as a motorist. But this accident is all too common. This may sound like a broken record, but avoid the distractions that take your attention away from the road ahead and you will avoid this accident every time.

4. Hydroplaning in the rain

Tires lose adhesion when you drive too fast over water in the roadway. When your tires lose traction you can no longer steer the vehicle. The simple solution, of course, is to slow down. Stop altogether if it is raining so hard you can’t see what’s ahead. But pull off; don’t stop in the middle of the road.

5. Hitting animals

Animals are unpredictable. Reduce speed, use extra caution, and be ready for surprises around any animal in or near the roadway. Especially in rutting season, wild deer, for example, can be incredibly self-destructive with their "decisions." But domesticated pets can be almost as foolish sometimes.

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