Are The Minimum Required Auto Liability Limits Enough?

Ensuring Optimal Protection For Your Ride

In order to cruise the Texan roads with peace of mind, you must hold a custom tailored auto insurance policy that is customized to meet your exclusive needs. In securing the right coverage for your ride, it is important that you analyze the various coverage options and limitations to ensure optimal protection.

Despite popular belief, opting for the minimum required liability insurance might not be enough. Many individuals simply purchase a cookie cutter auto insurance policy only to find out that they are lacking sufficient coverage once it comes time to file a claim. In Texas, you are required to obtain $30,000 per person of bodily injury coverage and $60,000 per accident. You are also required to obtain at least $25,000 in property damage coverage.

However, if you are involved in a serious accident where the damages exceed $25,000 and medical expenses for injuries exceed $60,000, you will be left with a great deal of financial trouble. To combat this issue, it is important that you work hand in hand with an experienced independent insurance agency that will help you determine the appropriate limits based on your unique needs. At Pierce Insurance Group, we help take the burden of choosing the right limits off of your plate.

Contact Pierce Insurance Group in McKinney for all of your Texas auto insurance needs. We will help you determine the appropriate liability limits for your auto insurance policy to ensure optimal security.