Avoid Dangerous Distractions While Driving

A distraction, by definition, takes your attention away from something, in this case the important activity of driving. Distractions are common in our culture where multi-tasking has become a standard, but behind the wheel they can be lethal mistakes.

  • Social media, cell phones, and texting

When you stop to realize just how long it takes to type a text message, it isn’t hard to see that this kind of distracted driving can contribute to the number and seriousness of automobile accidents. The National Safety Council tells us that one in four crashes involves some sort of cell phone use. Considering the amount of time that is diverted from the task of driving, the NSC’s warning makes sense: Texting is far more likely to cause a crash than even alcohol intoxication.


Whereas intoxication can slow reaction time by up to 12 percent, texting has been shown to slow it by more than 37 percent. A report by AAA Foundation indicates that cell phone use roughly quadruples your risk of being involved in a crash. And it is not surprising that the worst offenders for texting while driving are young drivers.

  • Younger drivers

Today’s youngest drivers grew up with instant messaging. They are far more likely than older drivers to be distracted by cell phones and texting. As a result, many locales have made cell phone use while driving illegal. And some states are exploring graduated licensing for inexperienced drivers.

The two most important factors in saving lives from these distractions are awareness of the dangers and avoiding all use while behind the wheel.

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