Be Prepared For Hurricane Season!

June gloom is upon us, indicating the beginning of hurricane season! The team at Pierce Insurance Group wants to make sure you and your family stays safe this summer. Follow these rules to prep and be ready for a summer storm:

  • Be aware of whether or not you live in an evacuation area.
  • Compile a list of emergency contacts such as local hospitals, the American Red Cross, country law enforcement, and local radio stations.
  • Throw together a natural disaster supply kit and keep them in locations appropriate for the specific type of disaster.
  • Have an emergency plan set in order to make your evacuation run more smoothly.
  • Check up on the FEMA Evacuation Guidelines to properly gauge the amount of time you will need to evacuate.
  • When returning from an evacuation wait until your area is deemed safe, and keep in mind that your town’s recovery will take time.

Natural disasters cannot be prevented, but the way we respond to them can be altered in such a way to provide safer results. If you have any insurance related inquiries, please get in touch with the experienced insurance professionals at Pierce Insurance Agency, located in Mckinney! They are qualified to assist you with all of your insurance needs.