Beat the Post-Holiday Blues with Effective Holiday Planning

The holidays are supposed to be fun, but once all the presents are opened and the parties are over, the lack of activity can cause feelings of sadness in some people. Beat the post-holiday blues this year by planning ahead before the season has actually ended.

Keeping control over your finances during the holiday season can help prevent a financial shock when the bills come due after the holiday is over. Make a budget before you start your holiday shopping to ensure that you have something left over once January rolls around.

If you’re entering the fray of holiday shopping, plan your trips for times when fewer people are out, such as during the early morning on a weekday. If you have to shop during a busy time, pair up with a friend to help each other carry packages, carpool to the mall, and watch out for each other’s safety while you shop. Also, avoid carrying large amounts of money when you shop.

Plan your holiday food strategy before you go to dinners or parties. By filling up on healthy food and limiting the high-calorie sweets, you can enjoy your favorite seasonal dishes in moderate amounts without having to deal with post-holiday disappointment when you step on the scale at the start of the new year.

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