Beyond Insurance: 4 Renter Must-Do’s

Having renter insurance on the home you are renting is important. Although once you have obtained this, there are still a few must do’s that you will want to keep in mind to keep your home protected.

Take Inventory

When you have a free afternoon, take the time to go through your home and take an inventory of anything you have of value. You can use “Know your Stuff” software online to keep track of the value. If you want to go the extra step, write this down in either a notebook or a spreadsheet to have a backup of the information.

Get Pictures

Take pictures of all these items so you have them in the event something happens. With this, you want to save a backup of the pictures with the inventory.

Find a Safe Location

You should find a place in your home where you can store the pictures and inventory so you will have them should you need to make a claim.


Do not forget to update the inventory and pictures as you get new items in your home. If you do this as soon as you buy something it will always be up-to-date.

To find out more about protecting your valuables, contact Pierce Insurance Group.