Buying a Car During the COVID-19 Outbreak: What You Need to Know

The coronavirus outbreak is a difficult and challenging time, but it does not mean that you cannot buy a new car. Due to low sales, several dealerships are offering special deals and discounts on vehicle purchases. It would be the right time to grab the opportunity to buy a car at a reasonable price.

Buying a car in the COVID- 19 pandemic is still possible if you follow the required steps. Since car dealerships come under the non-essential category, they have to remain closed. This means you cannot visit the showroom in person to buy a car. However, you can still buy one by following any of these ways:

Contacting Retailers

Though the showrooms are closed, many retailers are still taking calls from their customers. You can enquire about the availability of the car and other details. You can then place the order over the phone and do the paperwork online.

Buying Online

Another way is to buy the car online. Visit the website of any car dealership near you and explore the online options available. You will have guidance throughout the entire process of buying a car online.

In both cases, ask the dealers if contactless delivery is possible. This will ensure that you won’t have to step out of the house even to pick up your new car. Many dealers are offering contactless purchase and delivery to avoid the spread of the virus.

A car purchase is possible in these ways. You just have to choose which option works for you and proceed with it. Take time to research which car would best suit your needs. Once you have got your new car, get it covered with the right auto insurance. For assistance with all your car coverage needs, contact the experts at Pierce Insurance Group. We will help you choose the perfect insurance to secure your car.