Car Insurance Can Be Affordable Even If You Are A Student

Quality car insurance for college students is a thing. Really!

College students are usually looking for the cheapest deals when it comes to their expenses. It’s understandable! Your income is very low, and you may have other financial responsibilities that need tending to. (Heck, your diet consists of cheap ramen and 3:00 a.m. walks to McDonalds on the weekends!!) Car insurance shouldn’t be one of those things. Quality car insurance can be affordable when you are a college student.

What a student needs to do.

Now that you’re in college you’ve definitely noticed that most things in life—at least the important things—never come easy. To get a good student discount you must BE a good student that maintains at least a B average (3.0+ GPA). You must also be enrolled full-time at a college/university, or even high school.

How to prove you’re a good student.

Once you have your car insurance, you’ll need to actually prove you’re a good student. A transcript, report card, or a form signed by a school administrator are all ways you can prove to your insurance you’re a good student. If you are homeschooled, discounts are still available! The results from your standardized testing (e.g. ACT, SAT, etc.), may be used, and must be in the top 20 percent of the national average.


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