Car Maintenance & Insurance For Teens

What Your Teen Driver Needs To Know

Before your teen can get his or her license, he or she will need to attend driver’s education. Ideally, that would teach your teen everything he or she needs to know, but there are a couple of areas driver’s education often only glosses over.

One of them is maintenance. While you do not need to teach your teen to dissemble an engine, it is a good idea to ensure that he or she at least knows how to properly care for the car’s tires. After all, those tires are the only point of contact with the road!

Talk to your teen about regularly checking the tire pressure and tread. Show him or her how to consult the owner’s manual for the right psi, and go together to fill up the tires with air when they need them. Also, take the time to make sure your teen knows how to change a tire.

Another thing your teen should have learned in driver’s education (but may not have) is the importance of good insurance coverage. To talk to the experts about the right car insurance for teens, contact Pierce Insurance Group. Serving McKinney and the rest of Texas, we can meet with your family to ensure your teen is insured.