When You Should Check Your Life Insurance Policy

Life changes that should prompt a life insurance review. Just because you have life insurance doesn’t automatically mean your family’s financial future is set.  To maximize your policy’s value, you need to review and update your coverage on a pretty regular basis.  Not sure when you should check your coverage?  Here are some of the […]

Safety Upgrades That Can Help You Save on Home Insurance

Make your home more secure and unlock insurance savings. No one wants to pay more for their homeowners insurance than they have to.  This is why many homeowners look for ways to lower their rates and unlock discounts.  One money-saving strategy that you can try is making safety upgrades your property.  When homeowners take steps […]

Believing These Life Insurance Lies Can Hurt Your Family

Don’t buy into these myths. While most parents understand the importance of life insurance, they put off getting this coverage for as long as possible.  Oftentimes, they procrastinate because they believe in popular life insurance misconceptions.  Unfortunately, waiting on life insurance can put your loved ones at serious financial risk.  To ensure that you aren’t […]

Does Uninsured Motorist Coverage Do the Same Thing as Health Insurance?

Do you need uninsured motorist protection if you already have health insurance? No one wants to spend more on their auto insurance than they have to.  This is why many drivers look for ways to save on their coverage.  One question that drivers often ask is why they need uninsured motorist coverage if they already […]

Does Home Insurance Cover These Common Internal Damages?

Understanding the limits of your homeowners insurance coverage. Homeowners insurance is designed to cover sudden, unexpected perils.  This is why most people think about home insurance in regards to emergency events such as storms and fires.  However, what happens if your home sustains damage without some external catalyst?  Here’s what your policy will and will […]

Issues That Can Result in Your Home Insurance Being Canceled

Common ways to have your home insurance policy canceled. Homeowners insurance policies are essentially contracts.  All policies contain a section that lays out the conditions of coverage.  Should the homeowner violate these terms, the insurance provider has the right to cancel their policy.  To ensure that you don’t put your policy at risk, make sure […]

Did You Know This About Life Insurance?

Surprising life insurance facts. For many people, the insurance industry is a bit of a mystery.  One of the least understood types of insurance is life insurance.  Because this form of coverage is so misunderstood, there are many popular misconceptions out there.  To help you understand life insurance, here are some of the surprising things […]

Most Expensive Homeowners Insurance Claims

Watch out!  Filing these home insurance claims will cost you. While every homeowner understands that filing an insurance claim will cause their premiums to increase, you may be surprised to know that certain types of claims are more expensive than others.  But which costly claims top the list?  Here’s a ranking of the most expensive […]