The Lifespan of Different Types of Roofing Materials

A roof is supposed to be the most durable part of your house. While all other elements of your home require periodic maintenance, rarely do you think about roof repair. The age and longevity of the roof depend on the materials that you use during its construction. Generally, all roofs are constructed by using any […]

4 Factors You Should Consider Before Installing a Pool

Having an inground pool is a dream for several homeowners. However, it can be expensive. Apart from the high construction costs, the maintenance can be quite expensive as well. Here are some tips you can use to minimize the cost of inground pools: Consider the Type of Pool There are three types of pools that […]

Safeguard Your Belongings with a Video Inventory

There is nothing as terrible as not being able to claim the insurance you deserve, only because you didn’t make an inventory of your possessions. With a smartphone video inventory for your home, you would have the digital proof of your valuables to send to your insurance provider. Let’s look at the steps to make […]

Effective Ways to Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe This Summer

A pool makes for a great addition to any home, especially during the summer. But homeowners must also pay close attention to the safety hazards that an inground pool brings with it. Here are some essential swimming pool safety tips for your home: Teach Your Kids to Swim If you have children at home, you […]

Safety Upgrades That Can Help You Save on Home Insurance

Make your home more secure and unlock insurance savings. No one wants to pay more for their homeowners insurance than they have to.  This is why many homeowners look for ways to lower their rates and unlock discounts.  One money-saving strategy that you can try is making safety upgrades your property.  When homeowners take steps […]

Does Home Insurance Cover These Common Internal Damages?

Understanding the limits of your homeowners insurance coverage. Homeowners insurance is designed to cover sudden, unexpected perils.  This is why most people think about home insurance in regards to emergency events such as storms and fires.  However, what happens if your home sustains damage without some external catalyst?  Here’s what your policy will and will […]

Issues That Can Result in Your Home Insurance Being Canceled

Common ways to have your home insurance policy canceled. Homeowners insurance policies are essentially contracts.  All policies contain a section that lays out the conditions of coverage.  Should the homeowner violate these terms, the insurance provider has the right to cancel their policy.  To ensure that you don’t put your policy at risk, make sure […]

Most Expensive Homeowners Insurance Claims

Watch out!  Filing these home insurance claims will cost you. While every homeowner understands that filing an insurance claim will cause their premiums to increase, you may be surprised to know that certain types of claims are more expensive than others.  But which costly claims top the list?  Here’s a ranking of the most expensive […]