Cell Phone Valid Proof Of Insurance?

Can’t find your proof of insurance? It’s not a problem any longer. In Texas, there is a new state law that allows drivers to prove that they have valid proof of insurance by displaying the electronic copy on their cell phone. Senate Bill 181 has recently been passed and lawmakers say it seemed like “the common-sense” thing that they should be doing.

Texas passed the law to help Texans make their way into the technology age. It is also the state’s way of dealing with more smartphones than ever before.

Right now, the main concern is whether police officers will be aware of the new law to prevent any problems roadside. The Department of Public Safety has already begun notifying all of the troopers about the law. Additionally, all police officers will have to take courses about the new technology and new laws that take effect each year.

Having auto insurance is a requirement in the state of Texas. When you need a policy and proof of it on your cell phone, it’s important to contact an insurance company that will give you the best price and the best coverage.

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