Coming Changes to the Health Arena in 2014

One of the biggest changes to healthcare through the Affordable Care Act, takes place in 2014. People with pre-existing conditions are now able to purchase personal health insurance. All citizens in the United States must have personal health insurance. Having no health insurance means stiff penalties costing more than insurance premiums. Pierce Insurance Group can explain to you the three options available.

If a person is without personal health insurance, he or she can start purchasing plans through state-run health insurance exchanges, beginning 2014. There is a large range of choices in choosing a health care plan. There are acceptable dollar limits of what people make that determines if they must pay for their health insurance or receive it free through the government. Pierce Insurance Group can help eliminate all confusion.

  • Companies can no longer charge a higher premium due to gender or a condition that pre-exists
  • Small business owners can now get medical insurance packages for employees
  • People no longer have to wait any longer than 90 days for their health insurance to take effect
  • Earn $14,000 individually or $29,000 as a family; Medicaid is available
  • People participating in clinical trials will no longer risk their insurance.

Contact the Pierce Insurance Group to have an agent explain the changes to healthcare, the three options available, the Affordable Care Act, and learn about insurance exchanges. 2014 will be here quickly.