The Most Common Fall Insurance Claims

While fall is a beautiful time for apple picking, flying a kite, or a vacation, it is also a prime time for insurance claims. Knowing about them will help you be prepared accordingly.

Animal encounters: Moose and deer are no longer restricted to rural areas. These animals can be found in densely populated places as development encroaches on their native habitats, especially if food becomes more limited.

Always buckle up since colliding with a huge animal can be just as hazardous as colliding with another vehicle. Between October and December is when most wildlife-related mishaps seem to happen.

Water damage- Between October and December, damage brought on by rain or frozen pipes occur more frequently than in any other month.

Vehicle theft – More cars are broken into outside shopping centres from October through December because of increased holiday shopping. Always hide your packages in the trunk when going back and forth from your automobile to the stores.

Rear-end crashes- Due to the shifting weather and heavier rain, rear-end crashes happen more frequently in the fall. If you’re driving at 45 mph and following a car, give it at least four seconds before you pass.

House thefts- Increased fall claims aren’t solely related to cars. Home burglaries also happen throughout the fall and winter.

Smart house owners utilize motion detectors for outdoor lighting and a timer for indoor lighting. In addition, owners can remotely watch visitors at their homes using the apps available today. Valuables should be kept in a safety deposit box or a fireproof box.

Snow and rain- As skidding and snow claims are common between October and December, check the tires’ tread and ensure they are properly inflated before the cold weather arrives. Go slowly on icy, damp, or leaf-covered roads.

Keep the gas tank at least half full throughout the winter months because getting delayed in snowy traffic can quickly deplete the gasoline supply. Additionally, check the levels of the wiper fluid, antifreeze, and windshield wipers.

Unexpected scenarios can occur for anyone, and it is always better to be safe than sorry. Have relevant coverages in place to stay covered against such incidents.

{Pro-Tip: Fall weather heralds leaf-falling season and a color change. Although the foliage may be lovely, it can also be hazardous. Driving over wet leaves on the road can be pretty dangerous.

If you observe leaves on the road, give other drivers more space, follow the recommended speed limit, and steer clear of leaf mounds. You should also check your collision coverage to ensure that damages to your automobile brought on by slipping on wet roads will be covered}

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