Common Neighborly Scenarios that Lead to Liability Claims

The prevalence of homeowner liability claims are continuing to rise, meaning it is imperative that you reduce your liability risks. Many homeowners do not realize that being a helpful neighbor can actually put them in harm’s way of a damaging liability claim. We want you to be protected, which is why we urge you to step with caution in the following neighborhood scenarios:

  • If you will be house sitting for your neighbor, you may be at risk for a liability claim. While the chances are minimal, it is still important that you urge the homeowner to prepare their homes accordingly. This means turning off their water and locking all doors and windows.
  • Whether your dog is enclosed in fencing or not, you are responsible for the actions of your dogs. If a child chooses to reach into your fencing and your dog acts aggressively to protect your home, you may be faced with a hefty dog-bite liability claim.
  • Whether you invite the neighborhood kids to play in your pool or not, you are responsible for anything that occurs in your pool. The elevated costs associated with a pool accident liability claim can leave you with financial hardships, emphasizing the importance of securing your pool area to avoid accidents.

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