Create a Home Inventory to Help Your Homeowners Policy

Every homeowners insurance policy needs a home inventory in order for your insurance company to properly process your homeowners claim. 

Would you be able to remember every single thing in your home if it were to suddenly be burnt to a crisp or completely destroyed by some other covered disaster? Chances are you do not have an eidetic memory, and would only remember the things you used the most, like your coffee table, couches, TV, clothes, computer, and other like-things. This is where a home inventory list can come in handy and provide compensation for the things you lost in the disaster.

  1. Don’t Procrastinate
    We, humans, are master procrastinators. But when it comes to something as important as your homeowners insurance policy, procrastinating can be your enemy, as disaster can strike at any moment. To make the process easier, go room by room, sector by sector.
  2. Take Pictures
    The more detail you provide of your belongings, the better your insurance company can process your claim. It also provides visual evidence of your belongings. Whether you keep a digital record or a physical one, describe the contents. E.g., when and where it was purchased and what the insurance company is looking at.
  3. Big Ticket Items
    Your valuables like art, collectibles, and jewelry may have increased in value since you purchased them. Your homeowners insurance policy has a cap on expensive items. You need to know that cap and add these items to your policy to be covered if they are damaged in the covered disaster.

To properly cover your belongings and assets from covered disasters like fires and storm damage, you need a proper home inventory list. Get in touch with your Pierce Insurance Group agent and contact us today for an all-encompassing homeowners insurance policy in McKinney, TX.