Critical Times When Life Insurance Is a Must

A sound financial plan includes life insurance. There are a few circumstances, though, where you may need life insurance more than you anticipated to cover your financial obligations and protect your family.

We’ve put up the list of life milestones where you need life insurance the most.

  1. Getting a mortgage to buy a home

    Having an insurance policy in place to cover the mortgage amount is essential because it is a long-term liability, and the loan amounts are often significant.

    Since they are the family’s primary source of income, buying life insurance is particularly crucial for the breadwinner. Otherwise, the surviving dependents will suffer financially if they pass away.

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  2. Getting married soon

    A life insurance need exists for everyone. The policy can ensure that the surviving spouse has the financial security to maintain their existing quality of living if their partner passes away.

    Additionally, as a permanent policy’s cash value increases, additional funds are available to pay off a mortgage, get rid of business debt, or cover unpaid taxes.

  3. Being a parent

    If you already have children, a life insurance policy can ensure your child’s financial security because having children places you in charge of another life dependent on you.

  4. Estate preparation

    People typically have to pay the most income tax when they die. When you pass away, your estate will pay your last income tax and other debts and mortgages you owe by selling your assets. Your heir would only receive the amount that is remaining after creditors and government take their money.

    The best option would be to acquire life insurance, allowing your heir to settle everything and decide when to sell or maintain the assets.

  5. Obtaining a loan

    It is always advisable to protect our loved ones and estate from mounting debt in the event of our passing.

    The idea is very comparable to getting a mortgage. Now, it’s crucial to consider the loan’s magnitude and whether our loved ones will be liable for it after our demise. Life insurance payouts will help cover the outstanding loans.

  6. Taking on Self-employment

    Being self-employed has benefits, but if something were to happen to you, your dependents would suffer financially.

    Having the right life insurance can help your loved ones both now and in the future.

  7. Launching a business

    One of the main reasons business owners buy life insurance is to safeguard their loved ones. The reason a business owner chooses life insurance depends on their objectives or requirements.
    For example, if necessary, business owners could also consider buying life insurance for the buy-sell arrangement.

  8. Supporting Aging Parents

    It can be expensive to care for ageing parents. One method to maybe recuperate some of the money you’ve spent on their care or to assist with final expenses like a funeral is to purchase life insurance.

  9. Deciding to raise a child at home

    Life insurance is a mechanism to safeguard your loved ones from any financial loss and to pay off any debts in the event of your passing.

    Stay-at-home parents require life insurance to protect their families from financial damage since unanticipated circumstances can occur at any time.

Whether you are getting married, planning to have kids, or in other circumstances mentioned above, you should consider purchasing life insurance immediately.

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