Dallas Area: 2013 Summer Day Camps

As the summer draws near, it is important to be able to have find the right summer camps for your children near your Texas home. There are a few options in Dallas you should know about.

Kidventure Camps

This program has a variety of options for children. They have a toddler and preschool camp. They have another day camp for school age kids up to 7th grade. There is even an overnight camp for children between 8 and 13. There are many activities including safaris and even indoor activities.

Dallas YMCA

The YMCA in Metropolitan Dallas also has a summer camp program for all age children. They have art, music, athletic and other programs that the children can enjoy here. There are even different locations around Dallas that offer these programs.

SMU Computer Camp

Southern Methodist University is hosting their annual summer camp to teach children about technology. They offer both a day camp as well as an overnight camp. Here children will learn about computers, smart phones, video game design and more.

Camp Kidville

This camp offers classes in art, science and even superhero themed projects. They offer age appropriate science experiments that will entertain children and can ignite a love of science.

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