Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is one of the biggest threats to people and animals. The colorless, odorless, tasteless gas can easily build up when there is not enough fresh air circulating around vents, furnaces, fireplaces, cars, chimneys, and gas-fired appliances. Follow these preventative tips to help ensure that nobody falls victim to carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Install carbon monoxide alarms on every level of your home, especially close to bedrooms, and test them regularly.
  • Hire a qualified professional to check all fuel-burning appliances, vents, furnaces, and chimney systems at least once a year.
  • Get the cooking and heating systems between the garage and the house professionally sealed is you are buying an already existing home.
  • Never keep your car running in the garage, even if the garage doors are open.

If you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning in your home, evacuate the home immediately. Do your best to turn off all appliances and open doors and windows, and contact the fire department.

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