Debunking Myths about Auto Insurance

Buying a car today is easier than ever. With an increase in the number of auto purchases, there is also an increase in the number of auto insurance providers. Not only does that make it challenging to identify proper auto insurance, but it also increases myths around getting car insurance.

Here are some of the myths that you should know about:

Red Cars Come with a Higher Insurance Premium

While getting car insurance, the chances are that you will not be asked about the color of your vehicle. Things like the car’s age, driving record of the insurer, place where it will be parked, model, and engine number are what the insurance provider looks for.

The More Expensive the Car, Higher the Premium

While your car’s cost affects your insurance premium, things like the cost of replaceable parts and the availability of repair mechanics are more important. An expensive vehicle need not necessarily come with a high insurance premium.

Your Auto Insurance Will Work When You Change States

The auto insurance coverage may or may not work when you change locations. Inform your insurance agent about your movement so that they can update your policy and ensure that you have coverage in your new location.

If Your Car Is Damaged by Someone Else, They Will Be the One Paying the Premium

If someone who borrowed your vehicle damages the car, the damage will have to be covered by your insurance.

All Auto Insurance Agencies Offer Similar Types of Car Coverage

The premium and coverage of different auto insurance providers vary greatly. Before making a purchase, make sure you review your policy to meet your customized needs.

With these tips, you can purchase the right auto insurance. Want to learn more about getting the perfect car insurance? Contact the experts at Pierce Insurance Group. We look forward to helping you with all your coverage needs.