Decorate Your Home Safely for the Holidays

Decorations make the holiday season festive. While you want to celebrate the season with lights, ornaments and candles, you should also exercise a few safety tips. Safe decorating practices ensure your holidays remain festive and safe.

Prevent electrical shorts: Before hanging lights, inspect each strand. Replace missing bulbs, and throw away strands with torn insulation. Only place light strands where the insulation remains safe from damage.

Don’t overload the outlets: Plan your decorations to fit the number of available outlets. Connect less than three incandescent light strands together.

Use ladders safely: Always anchor the ladder to the house. Climb down and move it instead of leaning over to decorate the next spot on the house.

Water your real tree regularly: Dried out needles create a fire hazard, especially when they’re in contact with hot lights.

Burn candles safely: When possible, use wickless candles that melt aromatic wax rather than burning an open flame. If you must use candles with a wick, blow them out before going to bed.

Pierce Insurance invites you to follow these safety tips. As you decorate safely, your holidays are sure to be merry and bright.