Did you know we donate to the Samaritan Inn?

Many of our customers do not know that we donate regularly the the Samaritan Inn, which serves McKinney, Texas and surrounding areas. We do not advertise this often, because we are more intersted in giving back to our community than promoting our business through these donations. Every once in a while, though, we like to let our customers know that we are helping support our community.

Why The Samaritan Inn?

There are many worthy charities in McKinney. We decided to donate $25 for every referral that we receive to the Samaritan Inn, though, because it helps people in a tangible way. For almost 30 years, the Samaritan Inn has been providing the homeless of Collin County with food and a place to sleep. We have seen people’s lives transform through the Samaritan Inn’s work, and we are glad we can play a part in that work.

Choosing an Insurance Agent

Next time you need an insurance quote, contact us at Pierce Insurance Group. In a day when national and international companies cut corners to vie for insurance customers, we strive to exhibit good, old-fashioned values of busiess. That is why we give back to our community, McKinney.