Does My Business Insurance Plan Protect Against Outside Hazards?

Some outdoor hazards may not be covered in your business insurance policy in McKinney, TX.

When business owners purchase their business insurance they are often concerned about any potential incidents that are within their building’s walls. And, more often than not, this is the extent of most policies. Some plans may go as far as covering up to 100 feet outside your walls. But what if someone falls on your parking lot, or your outdoor settings get stolen? Know if your business in McKinney, TX is insured from outdoor hazards.

Not all businesses require outdoor insurance as they do not extend past their building. If your company has outdoor settings and furniture and signs, then it’s possible it all may not be covered under your current policy.

Potential outdoor hazards may loom in the places you expected your coverage to kick in. There definitely are some conditions that you may want to consider before looking into the additional coverage.

  • Does your business often use outdoor tables, chairs, heaters, lights, and various other forms of outdoor fixtures?
  • Does your business regularly utilize its own equipment to offsite locations?
  • Do you own any outdoor signs are that are not physically attached to your building?
  • Any satellites, antennae, or outdoor fences?
  • Extensive landscaping that could be costly should a vandal or wandering dog decide to tear it up?

To cover any of the questions you answered “yes” to, you may consider purchasing outdoor signage, outdoor property, mechanical breakdown, and in-transit and off-premise insurance policies. Why not let the experts step in and lend a hand when it comes to your insurance coverage? To ensure you have the right business insurancecontact Pierce Insurance Group. Serving McKinney and the surrounding Texas area, we are here to help protect all of your hard work.