Does your Insurance Agent Care?

Independent insurance agents do not work for an insurance company. They are in business to help you, as a consumer. Pierce Insurance is an independent agent that cares about the customer’s best interests, not just what is good for an insurance company. You want to deal with someone that understands your needs and puts those needs first.

Getting the best rates

An independent agent wants to get you the best insurance rates possible. As your agent, Pierce Insurance has access to many well-rated insurance companies. They can put together a policy that meets your requirements without selling you insurance you do not need.

Getting the best service

Pierce Insurance knows that maintaining positive client relationships is the key to a healthy business. When you deal directly with an insurance company, you can face lengthy delays in processing your claim. When you work with them, they can help you understand your policy and deal with the insurance company for you.

Insurance is something that you purchase but hope to never to use. The companies hope you never file a claim. You need someone working for you, with your best interests in mind. Let Pierce Insurance show you how they put you first.