We Will Be Donating $25 to the Samaratin Inn for Every Referral We Receive

A big thank you to all those who participated in our referral program so far this year. As one of our community outreach programs we are giving $25 to the Samaritan Inn for every referral we received that uses our services. As it currently stands we will be donating over $1300 to help families in need. For more information about the Samaritan Inn and what they do click on the link below.


The Need
Homeless families and individuals are the focus at The Samaritan Inn. In 2010, the Inn served 789 residents; 187 of them were children.

The Mission
We are a comprehensive homeless program that helps willing people regain their dignity and independence.

The Goal
To help people regain their independence.

The Outcome
Over 72% of the residents graduated from our program; which means they had an income and housing when they left The Samaritan Inn last year.