Effective Ways to Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe This Summer

A pool makes for a great addition to any home, especially during the summer. But homeowners must also pay close attention to the safety hazards that an inground pool brings with it.

Here are some essential swimming pool safety tips for your home:

Teach Your Kids to Swim

If you have children at home, you need to ensure their safety. Get them started on swimming lessons and keep them away from the deep end until they are confident. An important swimming pool safety tip is to always keep a close eye on your kids when they’re around the pool area.

Add Support Fixtures

Procure safety equipment like safety hooks, life vests, and rings that are readily reachable. Separate the shallow ends from the deep ends using floating ropes. Ensure to anchor the floating ropes since it’s common for you and your children to lean on them for support.

Build a Fence

Guard the swimming area with a fence that’s as high as four feet to keep your children and pets out. Another safety tip for your swimming pool at home is to get a self-latching gate for the pool area.

Keep the Water Clean

Maintaining healthy pool water is often an overlooked swimming pool safety tip. To make the water safe for your family, watch out for chlorine contaminants and ensure that the pH value is balanced. Cover your pool with a tightly woven fabric to prevent leaves, dust, and debris from making their way into the water.

Cover the Drains

Considering that entrapment accidents are one of the main causes of drowning in the country, you may want to get VGB-compliant drain covers for your pool. Be sure to cover the drains at all times and run a quality check every week for any cracks or loose screws.

If you’ve got a swimming pool at home, these safety tips can protect you and your loved ones from any untoward incidents. Go one step further in protecting your family and assets with a home insurance policy. Contact our team of experts at Pierce Insurance Group to get the best coverage for your needs.