FAQ – Renters Insurance Protects Against Loss

Residents of rented houses or apartments are less likely to consider the probability of loss than property owners are.  Less than 30 percent of all renters carry a renters insurance policy.  Each time an apartment building is damaged in a storm, fire or flood, news reports speak of the many people who have lost everything without insurance.  Consider the important questions, and get a quote, today!

  • Does the landlord’s property insurance cover my stuff? – The property owner will purchase insurance that covers the structure and surrounding outbuildings, such as parking garages, carports and storage sheds.
  • What is covered under renters insurance? – Personal possessions, liability coverage and loss of use coverage work together to replace your belongings, protect against lawsuits and pay for living expenses.
  • Why would I need personal liability insurance? – In the event someone is injured while in your dwelling, this type of insurance pays for their medical expenses and litigation actions that arise.
  • Does renter’s insurance have coverage limits? – Expensive collections, musical instruments and electronic equipment can be expensive to replace.  The insurance representative will want to know what expensive items are to be insured.

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