February is Heart Health Month! Take The Pledge Towards Being Healthy!

Enhancing Your Heart’s Health

Since cardiovascular disease continues to be the top killer in America for both men and women, February is recognized as Heart Health Month across the nation! During the month of February, it is important that you take the pledge to start incorporating preventative measures in your day so that you can enhance your heart’s health:

  • There is no reason to run a marathon each week, but it is important that you exercise regularly. Our bodies require at least 150 minutes of moderate-to-intense exercise weekly in order to remain in tip-top heart health.
  • What you eat has a major impact on your heart health. It is important that you transform your diet to include foods high in fiber, and low in cholesterol, trans fat, and saturated fat.
  • You should have your cholesterol checked every five years to determine whether or not you should pay closer attention to your daily intake.
  • One of the most crucial habits to kick to improve your heart health is cigarette smoking. With all the knowledge we have today regarding the dangers of smoking, it is a wonder why so many continue to damage their bodies with this bad habit.

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