Fun Family Activities in McKinney

McKinney is a great place to live or vacation in Texas. If you’re bringing your family to visit or looking for a potential home, here are a few things to see while you’re here.

The historic village near the Town Square contains many beautiful old houses which historically minded members of the family will enjoy. Here at Chestnut Square, you can take tours of historical houses and participate in other events throughout the year. 

Erwin Park is the place to experience the beauties of nature in McKinney. Both hiking and biking trails are available, and both shade and sun are available in this well-kept, family-friendly park.

McKinney is also home to the Collin County History Museum. This museum, contained in a historic building, has a plethora of interesting details about the past of Collin County. Each exhibit has its own story and can provide educational value for the kids as well.

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