Get Ready For Lake Season With Boat Insurance

Lake season has arrived as you watch the water fowl landing in the sparkly blue Texas water. While other lake people are in their swimming suits jumping into the shockingly cold water, you are getting prepared for some lake fun by purchasing a boat. You’ve found the perfect one, along with a trailer, as you get it set up by the shore. By filling up the gas engine and strapping on life jackets, you’re ready to cut up those waves and weave around the jet skiers and swimmers sharing the lake.

Not So Fast With Your Boating Adventure

Before you even hook up the boat trailer to your truck or other towing vehicle, you want to make sure you have boat insurance. Boat insurance covers your watercraft in case it becomes damaged in any type of accident out on the water or on the road. With the right boating insurance, you will be able to pay for damages caused to other watercraft as well as any injuries that occurred.

How To Get Prepared For Lake Season With Boating Insurance

To get prepared for boating season, first you need to get the right boating insurance. There are many different policies available depending on the type of boat you have, such as sailboat insurance, fishing boat insurance, personal watercraft insurance and jet ski insurance.

Once you decide on the type of policy you need specific to your boat, you will have coverage for both liability and physical damage. Types of coverage include the following:

  • Physical Damage: This coverage protects you boat and the trailer in case of damage. You can receive replacement cost compensation to purchase the same boat you previously had, cash value compensation where you are given the market value of the boat or agreed value compensation where you are paid the amount you decided upon at the signing of the policy.
  • Bodily Injury Liability: If you cause a boating accident that injures other people out on the lake, this coverage will pay for medical expenses for the injured person, lost wages, and legal defense costs if you are sued.
  • Property Damage Liability: If you cause an accident with your boat that damages other property (such as a dock or trailer, this coverage will pay for those damages.

You can also get additional coverage in your boating insurance policy that covers fishing equipment, medical payments for yourself or your passengers if anyone becomes injured on your boat, and uninsured boaters protection if the other boater doesn’t have boater’s insurance. Choose the right amount of coverage so you are fully protected.

Contact Pierce Insurance Group For Boating Insurance Products

Never get on a boat until you have the right boating insurance. There’s no reason to be without coverage as you enjoy the lake season. Give Pierce Insurance Group a call at 469-252-8001 to find out about all the types of insurance coverage you can get for your boat and trailer. You can also visit our website to view other types of insurance products we offer.