Get the Most Out of Your Car’s Brakes

Learn how you can take steps to extend the lifetime of your car’s brakes.

Much to many drivers’ surprise, there isn’t a set standard for replacing the brakes on your car.  The frequency with which you need to replace your brakes depends on individual driving habits and road conditions.  However, if you feel like you’re constantly having to replace your brakes, there are things that you can do to make them last longer.  Here are some tactics you should try.

Anticipating Stops

The faster you are going, the more pressure you place on your brakes when you want to stop.  That’s why it’s important to slow down when you are approaching a stop.  When you know that you’ll have to stop soon, stop accelerating.  Instead, let the car’s momentum carry you forward.  This will reduce your speed drastically and place less stress on your brakes when you apply them.

Changing Your Brake Fluid

When your brake fluid gets old, water starts to dilute it.  This in turn can cause your entire braking system to corrode.  To preserve your brakes, you should change out your brake fluid every two years or so.  Replacing your brake fluid will increase both the functionality and longevity of your car’s brakes.

Avoiding Unnecessary Brake Use

Finally, you can extend the lifetime of your brakes by not over-using them.  Many people feel the need to ride their brakes when they’re going downhill or when they’re attempting to keep a constant speed.   Some drivers even hit their brakes at the same time they are accelerating.  These bad habits place extreme stress on your brakes and will cause them to wear down much more quickly.  Avoiding these practices will add hundreds of miles to the lifetime of your brakes.

Try out these tips to ensure that your car’s brakes last longer.  Want another way to care for your car?  Make sure you have the proper auto insurance protection in place.  To get the coverage you need, turn to the experts at Pierce Insurance Group.  We are ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.  Contact us to get started today.