Getting to know your Insurance Carrier

Of course you already know about the importance of having adequate insurance, but have you ever considered how imperative it is to really know your insurance agency and the carriers they provide? This means more than just knowing the name of each carrier — after all, a name is just a name, and it doesn’t tell you everything that you need to know about each carrier. Here at Pierce Insurance, we believe in total transparency because we want our clients to be completely reassured about the quality of insurance we provide.

One thing that you should always research about your insurance agency, is what type of carriers they represent. Here at Pierce Insurance we earned the reputation we have by providing quality service to each and every client. We don’t just treat customers as a number: Each person, each family, is unique and we fully recognize that fact. It is important to us that each client gets the ideal insurance package for their life.

To that end, we offer the widest possible amount of choice. As an independent agency, we represent a range of different top rated insurance providers. We take the time to get to know each client, and we feel personally invested in the welfare of your family! With clients like extended family, we are better able to help each client find the perfect insurance plan.

We are here during not only the creation of the policy, but during times of stress too. When clients need to file a claim, they can always rely on Pierce Insurance answering the telephone and helping them with the claim in prompt and efficient fashion!