Got a Teen Driver? Here’s How You Can Save Some Money

Teen drivers can be expensive to insure, simply by virtue of their age and inexperience behind the wheel. However, there are a couple of things that you and your teen can do to keep insurance costs down. These easy tips can save you hundreds of dollars in insurance each year.

* Make the Grade: Many insurers look at your teen’s grades in school. The higher the grades, the lower your teen’s insurance rates will be. Encourage your teen to do their best in their studies to help you both save money.

* Drive Safely: This is common sense. By remaining accident free and avoiding traffic tickets, your teen can save a bundle on auto insurance. And be sure to instruct your teen on cell phone safety – the best policy is to put the phone away when they are behind the wheel. Even with a hands-free device, a conversation can distract your teen and cause an accident.

If you have a teen in need of auto insurance coverage, Pierce Insurance Group can help. Visit us online today to see the coverage and benefits we can offer your whole family!