Health Insurance Coverage for Mental Therapy

When you buy health insurance, coverage for mental health is often overlooked, with the emphasis being on access to the best medical care for your physical ailments. Here, in this blog, we will discuss how you can ensure that your insurance covers your therapy expenses.

Types of Health Insurance Plans You Can Choose From

The type of health insurance plan you have depends on the payment option that you select for your healthcare services. They are:

  • Co-pay

    It is a fixed amount that you pay for the healthcare services included in your coverage. However, the amount may vary for different types of services. For example, emergency room visits may cost you more than a consultation with your regular physician.

  • Co-insurance

    It is a pre-fixed share of the medical expenses that you agree to pay for the services that you receive. You pay co-insurance after you pay the deductible.

  • Deductible

    It is a one-time payment that you make toward your health-related expenses before your insurance provider begins to pay.

    When you buy health insurance, you must see the options available before selecting the plan type. However, if you receive health insurance from your employer, you may not have a say about the type of plan you have. Therapies typically cost between $65 to $200 per session, but the rates may vary depending on the following:

    • Experience and expertise of your therapist
    • Treatment type
    • Your location

What Happens if I Cannot Pay My Deductible?

Your insurance provider covers your medical costs only after you pay the deductible. However, if the deductible is high and you struggle to pay the amount, you may:

  • Ask your therapist for a more flexible payment plan wherein you can pay the amount over a longer period.
  • Find a therapist who offers sliding scale fees, a reduced rate based on your affordability and ability to pay.

Insurance Coverage for Online Therapy

Post-COVID, with the rise in popularity of telehealth, including teletherapy options, several insurance providers have started covering online therapy services.

Other factors contributing to its increasing popularity are that you can:

  • Save on commuting time
  • Avoid the hassle of arranging transport or using public transport if you don’t own a vehicle
  • Avoid the inconvenience of traveling if you have mobility issues
  • Avoid exposure if you are immunocompromised
  • Ensure greater privacy
  • Save on expenses

Ways to Find an In-Network Therapist

You can find an in-network therapist through the following ways:

  • You can access the list of therapists in your area from your insurance provider’s website directory
  • Go through the list of insurance companies that the therapist accepts

Health Insurance Billing Procedure for My Therapist

Therapists use billing codes that specify the type of therapy session that you receive and also determine the cost of that session. The common codes used by therapists are:

  • 90791: The introductory one-hour-long session
  • 90837: One-hour-long therapy session that lasts for over 53 minutes
  • 90834: 45-minute-long therapy session that lasts between 38-52 minutes
  • 90832: 30-minute-long therapy session that lasts between 16-37 minutes

Secure Your Overall Wellness with Pierce Insurance

Mental health is a significant aspect of your overall wellness, and you must ensure that you have adequate coverage in your health insurance. For more information, contact our experts today. At Pierce Insurance Group, we will help you cover all your health issues in a single comprehensive policy.

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