Health Insurance Options as a College Graduate

As a graduate, you likely are wondering what you are going to have to do about your health insurance to avoid the ACA tax penalty. 

Congratulations graduate! You are now ready to enter the adult world, which may or may not be a rather rude awakening for you. Health Insurance Options as a Graduate, we hope that college equipped you with the right know-how and that you’ve done some research regarding the next few years of your life. If you are a new graduate and worried about your health insurance status, here are some options that you can take.

  1. Stay Under Your Parents’ Policy Until You’re 26 – If you’ve been under your parents’ health insurance policy your whole life and are under 26 when you graduate, you should remain under their policy. As long as your parents are willing to help, why not push off worrying about health insurance another four years? Just keep an eye on your age, and do the proper planning and budgeting as you approach the dreaded 26.
  2. Purchase Your Own Health Insurance Plan – If the above does not apply to you, then you must purchase a health insurance plan to avoid the ACA tax penalty. If you’ve just started and aren’t making enough money, you may be available for some savings! (Which could make your policy premium less than your cellphone bill.)
  3. Get Coverage Through Medicaid or CHIP – In some states, Medicaid covers adults below a certain income level–to give them assistance with living. If you qualify, you can enroll anytime. However, Medicaid and CHIP provide health coverage for individuals, families and children, pregnant women, and people with disabilities in all states

When it comes to something as important as your health, don’t wait to contact Pierce Insurance Group in McKinney, Texas! We can help you get the right health policy to protect your wallet in the present and your loved ones in the future.