Life Insurance After a Heart Attack

Life insurance coverage can be challenging to find for those who have recently suffered from a heart attack.

Life insurance covers the final costs of an individual and provides for their family. It’s important to be honest with insurance providers about your medical history as it is more than likely that you will need to take a medical exam. This determines the policy and rate that you receive. You will have to answer medical history questions such as when you were diagnosed, if you have any underlying issues, what treatments were offered and if you had any, and if your conditions have improved.

If you have suffered from multiple heart attacks, it is still possible to get coverage. You may be offered standard term life insurance policies, otherwise a high-risk life insurance policy may be available.

Every case is different so it’s impossible to say what rate and policy you will receive. However, it is certainly possible to get life insurance coverage after a heart attack. To receive the best coverage at the best rate, visit Pierce Insurance Group. We provide quality life insurance for residents of Texas, so be sure to give us a call today!