Hiring a Contractor? Be Prepared

When renovating a home or working on an add-on element or even redoing the outside landscaping, the bigger projects are often going to need the help of a general contractor. Most homeowners simply don’t have the time and expertise to do the job on their own quickly. However, hiring general contractors can come with risk. Some take off with payments and don’t do the work expected. Others can be aggressive about being paid. Some basic tips can avoid a lot of problems, including:

  • Always confirm a contractor is licensed and bonded to protect yourself. Contact a state contractor’s board to reference current, licensed contractors on file for a given area.
  • Always use a contract to spell out exactly what the contract job will do, what will be performed, and what will be paid for by schedule.
  • Never pay for a job in full up front. Always make a partial payment after a specific section of a job has been completed to satisfaction.
  • Try to avoid subcontractors at all. Always works with one contractor who is responsible for all work done. This avoids mechanic liens by subcontractors on a property when the contractor doesn’t pay them and skips town.

For those in the McKinney, Texas area and surrounding areas, Pierce Insurance Group can help with advice on home projects and property work. Give them a call for more information.