Are Your New Holiday Gifts Covered?

Obtaining Scheduled Personal Property Coverage in 2015

As we turn a new page on our calendar and welcome 2015 with a mighty hello, it becomes increasingly more important that we update our insurance policies accordingly. If you received any holiday gifts of particular value, you may need to add a rider to your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Scheduled personal property coverage is one of the most useful forms of insurance a homeowner can have. When you have your valuable items scheduled, they are reimbursed to you at replacement cost as opposed to actual cash value. This means that each item will be reimbursed to you without depreciation of the item being calculated into the amount. Therefore, whether your precious new gift is lost, stolen, or misplaced, you will receive coverage.

Rather than allowing your brand new gifts to go unprotected, schedule an insurance update appointment with us today so that we can guarantee that all you have received this holiday season is protected. Once each item is appraised, we will protect them to the fullest!

Are all of your new holiday gifts receiving optimal protection? Contact Pierce Insurance Group in McKinney for all of your Texas homeowner’s insurance needs.