Leave The Stress Behind: Protect Your Home While Away

Have Holiday Travel Plans? Consider These Precautions

Connecting with friends or family or enjoying a remote getaway might be just what you need to wrap up 2014, but with 2015 around the corner you will want to make sure you can get a strong start. Protect your home while you are away with this short list of preventative measures:

  • Phone a Friend: Ask a friend or family member to take a look at your house every couple of days. A quick drive-by is usually sufficient to see that all is well. Knowing that someone is checking in will give you peace of mind, and will alert you to any issues immediately—before they grow.
  • Don’t Go Changing: Do not tip off potential thieves with significant changes to your home. Leave your curtains and blinds as they normally are, and keep lights on a timer so all will appear as usual.
  • Check Your Pipeline: If you have talked a friend into checking on the house, ask them to step in and turn on the faucet every few days. A steady flow of water will let them (and you) know your pipes are not freezing.

To get protection for a joyful holiday season and New Year, contact Pierce Insurance Group today. Our dedicated team serving Collin County and all of Texas will make sure you get the insurance coverage you need for peace of mind.