How Smart Home Technology Can Detect and Prevent Fire

Smart technology can work together and help detect and prevent fires in your home, but how can such technology be capable of such a feat?

There are a few complementary smart devices that could help detect and prevent a fire from damaging your home which can seriously minimize damage by notifying you directly. While traditional smoke detectors are designed to alert the people inside the home, smart home technology is able to alert other smart devices (like your phone), regardless of where you are on the planet.

Smart Smoke Detectors
These work like traditional smoke detectors as in they give an incredibly loud BEEP if they detect smoke. But they can also provide you with alarm notifications right to your phone. Additionally, they can shut down your air handling systems to prevent the smoke from spreading as people safely evacuate.

Smart Batteries
If you don’t want to surrender your traditional smoke detectors, that’s okay because there is still an option for you. Smart batteries. These are batteries that provide you with a low battery notification right to your phone.

Smart Outlets
Smart outlets can give you the peace of mind you deserve if you remembered you forgot to unplug the iron, coffee pot, TV, or any other plugged-in electrical device. Even if you are at work, you can power off the outlet that the device or devices are plugged into.

Even the best technology can fall short, especially if the fire is a raging one. Get in touch with your Pierce Insurance Group agent and contact us today for an all-encompassing homeowners insurance policy in McKinney, Texas.