How to Check if Your Home Needs a New Roof

Your roof plays an integral role in keeping the rest of your home safe.  Make sure your roof is in good shape for the winter months ahead.

If you really think about it, your roof is the only thing standing between your home and the elements.  That’s why it’s so important to know when you need a new roof.  But how do you know when a new roof is in order?  Here are a couple of things you should check for.


Your roof inspection should begin inside your house.  Use a flashlight to check for places where your roof is sagging.  Another thing to look out for are signs of water damage because this could mean your roof is leaking.  Additionally, you should examine your roof for any dark sports and look for any holes that allow sunlight to filter in.  If you see any of these issues, then it’s time to get your roof repaired or replaced.


When you inspect your roof from outside your home, there are a different set of signs you need to look out for.  Start by looking for damaged or missing roof shingles.  Also, examine the areas around your chimney and other vents for signs of deterioration.  Finally, if you see an accumulation of fallen shingle granules, then this is a sign of wear and old age.  If you notice these issues, then you should think about replacing your roof.

While these are all signs of roof damage, don’t get too ahead of yourself.  A little damage doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace your entire roof.  It’s likely that the damage can be repaired without a total roof overhaul.  Talk to a professional contractor and have them inspect your roof for themselves.  When it comes time to make the necessary repairs, make sure you trust them to licensed roofing professionals.

Your roof protects you, your family, and the rest of your home, so make sure you give it the attention it deserves.  Part of protecting your roof is making sure you have the right home insurance.  To find the best policy for your needs, contact the professionals at Pierce Insurance Group.  Our friendly team is ready to assist you with all your personal insurance needs.