How To Handle Hit-and-Run Parking Lot Accidents

Don’t Forget To File A Police Report!

Unfortunately, fender benders are a part of our daily lives. Whether you are hit in the parking lot leaving the grocery store or while waiting at a red light, there are a variety of steps you must take to ensure a smooth claims process.

One major dilemma is experiencing a hit-and-run accident and having no idea who damaged your car while you were in the store. To handle this process, you must first file a police report. Having a police report will significantly ease the claims process.

If it is evident that someone hit their car with their vehicle, you may need to dip into your uninsured motorist coverage for reimbursement. However, if it appears that a shopping cart is to blame for the damage, your comprehensive coverage will kick in to help you repair the damages.

Most importantly, make sure to have your car inspected by a claim adjuster before having any damages repaired. This is an extremely important part of the process if you want your claims process to be handled with ease.

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